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Teeth Whitening in Boulder, CO

Teeth Whitening in Boulder, CO

It is pretty easy to find teeth whitening kits that promise to remove stains and discoloration. Still, most of the options available on store shelves are erratic, frustrating, and even painful.

But the our professional teeth whitening system offers a complete and advanced solution that is unique from the rest of the available treatments. This refrigerated, high-potency gel is combined with a scientifically designed application system to deliver unbelievable results.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

In many aspects, our teeth whitening method is very much similar to the other bleaching techniques. It differs in how the bleaching gels used to whiten teeth are handled. While all the bleaching gels are stored and taken care of properly, their quality is bound to get affected in between its manufacture and application by the dentist. 

Our teeth whitening system differs in that the bleaching gels used in this procedure are refrigerated constantly. And as a result, they are almost as effective as the day they were first factory-made. Call us to learn more.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Teeth Whitening?

Whiter, Natural-looking Teeth: When you undergo a teeth whitening procedure, they should look natural and not stand out dramatically. But with our teeth whitening procedure, the whitening effects appear natural as well as many shades whiter than the previous shade of the existing teeth.

Less Pain and Sensitivity: There is very little sensitivity after the treatment in the Whitening system. This teeth whitening has become popular among patients as they report no discomfort.

Permanent Results: After undergoing the procedure, as long as you take good care of your teeth at home and follow the dentist’s instructions, patients can get to enjoy their brightened smiles for a very long time after the procedure.

How Does The Process Work?

The procedure typically requires as many as three dental visits. The dentist will capture impressions of your teeth to create custom, clear plastic trays during the first appointment. The trays are later checked for proper fit before performing the first in-office bleaching procedure. This process will take about an hour, and on completion, the dentist will give you back the custom-made trays and detailed instructions on how to use the trays at home for at least more than fourteen days to get the maximum whitening effect. The whitening results from this technique are believed to last for several years. But it is essential to follow your dentist’s instructions and take proper care of your teeth after the treatment.

Our teeth whitening system is a very safe and effective whitening system that is guaranteed to give you the gleaming and whiter smile, you have always desired.

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