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Emergency Dental Care in Boulder, CO

Emergency Dental Care in Boulder, CO

Emergency dental care is required when facing a problem with your gums, teeth, or jaw. Dental emergencies can be of various types such as pain, swelling in the gums, a broken or loose tooth, or bleeding. Sometimes the reason could be an accident or trauma, which may need immediate dental care. When you face an emergency dental problem, ideally, your first call should be to your dentist. But if you encounter an issue on holiday or in the middle of the night, you will most likely need emergency care.

When Is A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can be in various forms, such as pain, a broken tooth, or trauma. Minor issues such as mild sensitivity or a loose crown could also probably be dental emergencies. If you feel you are facing a dental crisis, do not hesitate to seek emergency care.  

Dental emergencies can occur anywhere and at any time, and it is essential not to ignore dental issues. Before the problems become severe, emergency care should be sought. Dental emergencies can be scary, but it is vital to stay calm and composed and seek the required care. Call us to learn more.

What Are Some Types Of Dental Emergencies?

Toothaches: The most regular reason for toothaches is an infection of the tooth’s pulp. If the tooth pain becomes unbearable, it becomes vital to see an emergency dentist and get relief as soon as possible. 

Abscesses: A patient may be in extreme pain due to an abscessed tooth. To get immediate relief, make an emergency dentist appointment, have the tooth treated, and reduce your pain.

Chipped or Broken Tooth: Severe pain may also be caused by a broken or a chipped tooth that you can barely function. A knocked-out permanent tooth will bleed everywhere, and without immediate treatment, you may even permanently lose that tooth. 

Swollen Mouth or Jaw: It is not normal for the swelling in your mouth or jaw. The swelling can be caused by various reasons, from swollen lymph nodes up to an infection in your mouth or jaw. Instead of ignoring it, seek an emergency dental appointment. 

Broken or Lost Crowns: Immediately when a crown or filling comes loose, get to an emergency dentist as soon as you can. If you ignore it, you may have to undergo additional procedures and avoidable expenditures. 

Accidents and Dental trauma: When a person is involved in an accident or incurs injury to the mouth during a sporting activity, they have to immediately seek assistance from an emergency dentist and reduce the damage as much as possible.

Bleeding Gums: It is pretty common to have slight bleeding in your gums while brushing. However, if your gums start bleeding and there is pain and swelling, don’t wait to see a dentist.

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