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Implant Dentistry in Boulder, CO

Implant Dentistry in Boulder, CO

Dental implants by far offer the best method to replace the missing teeth in modern dentistry. They also give permanent results when compared to the other tooth replacement options. The loss of bone is one of the significant disadvantages of losing teeth, which can be prevented with the help of dental implants. The implants help preserve the jawbones that deteriorate naturally when a tooth is lost.

What Is A Dental Implant?

 Dental implants are available in the form of a minor, screw-shaped titanium post that serves to act as the root portion of a missing tooth. The surgical procedure carried out to place an implant is relatively routine and minor, requiring only local anesthesia in most cases. After this procedure, a healing period of three to six months is allowed for the implant to graft with the jawbone. Once the grafting and healing are completed, the implant is secured with a natural-looking restoration such as a crown customized to match your existing natural teeth. Implants have a significantly higher success rate than any other tooth replacement option. Call us to learn more.

What Are the Different Tooth Replacement Options Using Dental Implants?

Dental Implants can replace missing teeth in several ways. They can be used to:

Replace One Tooth: A sole dental implant is used when you have one tooth missing; to replace the root portion of that tooth and topped with a crown resembling an actual tooth. This choice of treatment is the most cost-effective treatment in the long run. A dental implant will never decay or need root canal treatment and feels like a real tooth.

Replace Multiple Teeth: In this replacement procedure, you don't need one implant for every missing tooth. The implant teeth act as supports for fixed bridgework. If there are missing teeth in a row, the implants can be placed on both sides of the space and a crown in between, which have no implant underneath. 

Replace All Teeth: Dental implants can support an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth attached into the mouth and are never removed. At times the new teeth can be supported by as many as four implants. Dental implant replacement teeth protect your jawbone; they won't slip and last a person's lifetime.

Support Removable Dentures: Dental implants can provide solid support to the removable dentures and make them more comfortable, effective, and healthier to wear. Traditional dentures sit on the gums and put force on the bone beneath them, thus resulting in bone loss and making the dentures unsteady. But with the latest dental implants, dentists can fix a removable denture onto them, balancing the force of the bone structure. This can help prevent the dentures from slipping while you eat and speak and preserves the bone directly beneath them.

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