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Digital Radiography in Boulder, CO

Digital Radiography in Boulder, CO

Digital dental radiographs are increasingly being used by dental professionals to help them better diagnose, detect, treat and screen for oral diseases and conditions. Digital x-rays provide dentists with a better diagnostic tool to analyze the health of your mouth, teeth, and bones. They reduce your exposure to the amount of radiation and provide the dentist with improved quality of x-ray images. The digital scans can be collected quicker and also assists in starting the treatment and prevents severe conditions from advancing further.

How Does Digital Radiography Work?

The procedure for digital radiography is very similar to that of traditional dental X-rays. A sensor is inserted into your mouth in digital radiography, which helps capture the images of your teeth. The digital sensor is an electronic device that is connected to a computer and immediately captures the images and projects them on a screen. These images can be viewed instantly by your dentist.

What are the Advantages of Digital Radiography?

Digital Radiography comes with better advantages which include:

Enhanced Image Quality: The quality of digital x-rays is of much higher quality. It allows the dentist to focus on tiny fractures and irregularities that would otherwise go unnoticed in traditional x-rays. Dental images are essential to make a proper diagnosis and provide the necessary treatment, and this becomes possible with digital radiography x-rays.

Quicker Processing Time: The images produced by digital radiography can be viewed instantly, and this allows the dentist to analyze your condition and extend the treatment accordingly quickly. As a result, the patient will have to spend less time at the dentist, and the productivity of both the dentist and patient is improved.

Fewer Resources Required: In digital radiography, there is no need for chemical developers or film processors, as is the case with traditional x-ray machines. Digital x-ray machines are a one-time investment with some routine maintenance. There is no printing of the images as they can be viewed on computer screens.

Quick Image Sharing: Digital radiography does not consist of enormous x-ray films. They comprise digital dental images which can be easily shared. When there is a need, the dentist can share these images quickly with other experts in the field. Call us to learn more.

Easy To Use: There is no specific training required to operate the digital x-ray machine. As compared to traditional x-ray machines, digital radiography is very simple and straightforward.

Higher Quality Care: With digital radiography, patients do not have to worry about excessive radiation exposure. The quantity of radiation exposure is reduced by almost seventy-five percent in digital radiography. Due to its accuracy, there is a minimal chance that you will have to retake an x-ray, unlike the traditional method.

Easy Image Storage: The best thing about digital x-ray is that the images can be stored on a protected hard drive and can be easily accessed when required.

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