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Mercury Free Restorations in Boulder, CO

Mercury Free Restorations in Boulder, CO

Amalgam fillings have been considered likely causes of many problems in our bodies, especially for people with sensitivity to metal or mercury. They are commonly used to repair cavities caused by tooth decay and are solid and long-lasting, and used for many decades. Most amalgam fillings contain fifty percent of mercury, which is known to be a highly toxic substance. When released through the mouth's skin, it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and stored in various areas and organs, especially the brain, kidney, and liver.

The temperature changes can also cause the mercury dental fillings to expand and contract, and this can cause an increase in tooth fractures and damage to the tooth structure. Additionally, the mercury silver fillings can rust overtime in the demanding environment of the mouth, leaking metallic ions, which cause discoloration and staining of the tooth. As a result, it will become difficult for decay to be detected. Call us to learn more.

What Are The Benefits of Mercury Free Restorations?

There are several benefits of Mercury Free Restorations, such as:

  • Mercury-free restorations help save patients from possible mercury poisoning and tooth fracture due to the contraction and expansion of the mercury fillings while eating their foods.
  • They help protect your teeth from further damage by having well-fabricated restorations fitted on them that are similar in appearance to a natural tooth.
  • Tooth-colored composite restorations replace hideous-looking amalgam fillings, and they are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • The decay that exists under a majority of amalgam silver mercury fillings can be removed.
  • These mercury-free restorations can restore the function of your mouth and give you a comfortable bite.
  • These restorations are user-friendly, and the time required for these procedures is also comparatively less compared to the traditional methods involving the use of amalgam and mercury.

What Is Involved In Mercury Free Restorations?

In mercury-free restorations, the filling materials used by our dentist are completely safe for the human body. The materials are strong, biocompatible, their color matches with the existing teeth, and are long-lasting. The mercury-containing filling is removed from the tooth along with any decay present under this filling. The toxic-free white composite filling is then placed in thin layers, and a light beam is used to cure or set the filling hard. The filling is then shaped and carved to resemble the original tooth. The tooth's biting surface is also shaped so that you can chew and eat your food better.

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